Part III on Being a Grandpa




In earlier posts I talked (or bragged) about being grandfather to Kayden and Kole… it’s time now to brag on their little sister, my one and only granddaughter, Rose.


Rose is so very so much like her mom it’s uncanny.  She is just as smart (note her reading the Wall Street Journal), just as beautiful, just as sweet, and just as tough and determined.  As she approaches her 2nd birthday next month, I have already experienced more tender moments, hugs, kisses, laughs, and love with her than any grandpa could hope for in a lifetime. 



She is incredibly adorable in both appearance and action and so sweet it is indescribable.  Rose is not quick to allow people into her little world but when it happens you feel so very glad being there.  The best parts of being there are not in the games or puzzles or books (which are great) but in her smile.  When she smiles, it lights up the room and warms you to the bone.


Like her brother Kole, Rose runs at me at full speed when she first sees me and won’t let go of me until I pick her up for a hug.  How can I possibly describe the thrill in experiencing that kind of reception? 


Lately, I’ve been babysitting during her nap time and then to wake her.  I get a moment of sleepy scrutiny and then her arms and smile asking to be picked up… a request that which I am delighted to comply.   Warm and cuddly and holding me tight or laying her head on my shoulder – just such a great feeling.


Back to being a grandpa though - 


one of the very best things is sharing the child's love with her grandma.  Lori and Rose are wonderful together, in spite of the stern look Rose is showing.  The 'stern look' photo shows one of Rose's best traits, one that she inherited directly from me... the 'big hairy eyebrow'.  No one has ever been able to do it like me except for Rose.



This photo of my mom, my daughter and my granddaughter is very special to me, even thought you can't see much of mom.  I am so

happy that Mom is still with us and able to see her great-granddaughter. 




107 [2)

In Mexico, Rose was very helpful... here she is selecting an appetizer for us.  We had such a good time together, swimming, digging holes in the sand... I even got to dance with her in my arms as the Mariachi band was playing.


We're working on animal noises and colors, we play on the play-set and swings - over and over again, we wrestle, we dance, we run laps in the studio, make funny noises, and we play games (she likes Boggle).


I've been told that the grand-daughter / grand-father relationship was somehow special, that there was a bond that couldn't be explained.

I never 


understood what they were talking about... until our little Rose arrived.  She is absolutely wonderful to hold, to touch or to simply look at.  Beautiful, lovely, smart and sassy, she is just like her Mom.  There are great things in her future.

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